Queensland Dry - WITH FREE REFILL

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Absolutely stunning new bottle and label package from our design team. Featuring high texture pressed aluminium labels on French decanter glassware. We've gone next level to match the quality of our award winning artisan gin.


Juniper | Coriander Seed | Cinnamon Bark | Green Cardamom | Mandarin

Lemon Scented Ironbark | Nerolina | Tasmanian Pepperberry


Blending the best gin botanicals - juniper, coriander, cardamom and cinnamon with some unique Australian natives this floral gin is soft and oh so fruity with a peppery kick. Fresh QLD mandarin peel, lemon scented ironbark from the Cape York Peninsula and Nerolina (broad-leaved paperbark) add beautiful floral, citrus and slight woody notes.

Perfect for cocktails, sours or over ice on its own as a delicious kicking back and chillin’ accompaniment to summer seafood, fragrant cheeses and tropical fruits.

* For a limited time if you purchase this bottle you will receive a Free Refill tag.
1. This entitles you to ONE free refill of our gorgeous new bottle.
2. The offer is a PRE-SALE, our new bottles have arrived, labels will next week, bottling will commence Wed 21st July.
3. Pickup expected after Tuesday 27th July, refills available from August 3rd (TBC - dependent on label air freight).
4. This program is designed to encourage the re-use of our bottles, after the 1st Free Refill you can get the bottle refilled at our distillery and save $20 off regular price.

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