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ABN: 43 100 620 162


NO: 14366

Establishment No: 15603

Queensland liquor licence number 206900

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You're going to have a lot of fun making gin! We know, we do :-)


First we'll guide you through a tasting session from our library to find your preferred style of gin, and then help build a flavour profile you would like to make in the school.


Choose from over 100 botanicals including Juniper, Citrus, Spices, Flowers, Herbs and Fruit, we even have more than a dozen Australian bush foods. 

After selecting your botanicals with the guidance of our team, you distil them in one of our mini copper stills and bottle with your very own personalised label to take home. Throughout, you will have the opportunity to try different gins from the Brisbane Distillery range.


  • 4 drinks per person

  • 1 bottle to take home each

  • Light snacks

  • Up to 24 guests 

  • 2 hour experience

Make Your Own Gin At Brisbane's Only Gin School